IV Drip Therapy Encino, Los Angeles

Experience the future of vitamin therapy with IV Drips that leave you feeling replenished, recharged, and rehydrated.

Iv Therapy
IV Therapy

Experience the future of vitamin therapy with IV Drips that leave you feeling replenished, recharged, and rehydrated.

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Why IV Therapy?

Preventative, energizing, & restoring to help support your health goals, alleviate stress, and get rid of hangovers

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Physician Formulated

Every IV has key elements that are administered directly into the blood, bypassing the wasteful process of digestion..

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Medical Grade

IV Infusions are medical grade with a vitamin retention rate of 96% compared to ingestible vitamins rate of 16%.

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Homey Lounge

Experience an IV lounge that transports you into the comfy future of vitamin therapy, while feeling like you’re at home

IV Therapy Menu

Evolve Anti-Aging IV lounge offers a range of wellness IV Drips in a homey, comfortable atmosphere overseen by medical professionals. Many Evolve Anti-Aging customers utilize IV Therapy for these benefits:

Flu Fighter

Vitamin C boosts your body’s readiness for a fight while Zinc is an extremely effective mineral for warding off viral infections. It’s also exceptional in improving testosterone. B vitamins are essential for energy and liver function.


The Spartan

If you’re going to train like a warrior, you need to recover like one. The Spartan Kick IV Therapy isn’t Greek mythology. Your sleep will be meaningful, and your recovery will improve. You will fight harder. Ah-oo! 

Fat Burner

Deceit? No. The Fat Burner IV Therapy boosts your livers efficiencies, which stimulates your metabolism, which turns your 4 cylinder engine into a 12 cylinder beast. You’re gonna have energy and it’s going to be awesome.

Myer’s Cocktail

The king of the jungle – The “Gold Standard” for overall wellness. If you feel good – even great, maintain your awesomeness with this cocktail. It’s an Evolve favorite (we all plug in twice a month).


NAD is a coenzyme that improves chromosome stability, which means your cells will replicate in better quality, improving cellular deterioration. This positively effects cognitive function, slows signs of aging and boosts the immune system. NAD also reduces withdrawal symptoms during addiction recovery. NAD is one of the leading IV infusion therapies for its vast array of benefits!

Hangover Helper

Overindulgence happens and our bodies go into an alcohol-induced shock. Thankfully, IV therapies can cure your hangover in less than 45 minutes. Getting back on your feet to seize the day!

Menstrual Alleviation

Mother nature can be a real mother, but we’re going to face that storm together. The Alleviate IV Therapy will minimize bloating, irritability, abdominal discomfort, and lower back pain.

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